Vanity Girl

As I left my Social Media class last Wednesday I was fulfilled with inspiration and new knowledge. The guest speaker for the evening was the energizing and inspiring Maxine Tatlonghari, more known as @Vanitygirl the entrepreneur and brain behind Vanity Girl Hollywood.


As soon as she walked into the room you get that this is a woman with charisma, on the outside as well as on the inside! She shared her story and experience in building her company and product´s success on Social Media.

Some of the most useful tips she shared with us was the importance of Always Be Creating Creative content (ABCC) and the power of using celebrity gifting companies to get influential people to promote your product. Another useful tip from Maxine is to always bring your own camera to events, which also helps you to ABCC and is effective in the goal of Being Your Own Publicist (BYOP). I think the two most rememberable quotes that I personally will carry with me on my journey is “When you do something that works, do more of it” and “When you aren´t good at it, make sure you have people around you who are”.

I was especially inspired by the fact of seeing and listening to a strong woman talking about entrepreneurship and success, as it unfortunately isn´t something we are too spoiled with in today´s mans dominated business world. To connect and identify with women like Maxine will definitely help me and other women to go through with our dreams of being successful entrepreneurs. Maxine and Vanity Girl Hollywood shows us that it is 100% possible!!

If you want to know more about Maxine and Vanity Girl Hollywood visit their website

Instagram: @Vanitygirlhollywood
Twitter: @Vanitygirl

Photo source: Twitter